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How to gain respect and acceptance

Welcome to Childfree Woman

I’m Karin Rahbek, the author of the childfree memoir “Do I have to be a mother? – A childfree woman’s honest and unspoken thoughts and feelings”.

The purpose of my blog is to give you insight into all the unwanted thoughts and feelings that result from being a childfree woman in a world that considers motherhood to be the most natural part of being a woman.

In other words, I prefer to explain my childfree lifestyle rather than justify and defend it. Simply because it is the best way to show other people that I deserve to be respected and accepted for who I am, not what I am.

This website will be deeply familiar to you who may be in doubt about whether you want to have children, or already know that you do not want to. You will be able to recognize yourself in my portrait and common experiences, and it is my hope that it will help you to deal with social situations where you do not feel as comfortable and certain about your childfree lifestyle as you want to.


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I hope this blog challenges, inspires and motivates you to get the best out of being the woman you are.

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Who is this Childfree Woman?

I am based just outside the capital of Copenhagen, Denmark, with my husband and our beloved fur family consisting of two slightly spoiled feline queens.

It took me about two years to learn to accept that not wanting to become a mother made me feel different in a wrong way. I spend years looking for precisely the book I ended up writing myself. The book describes in a very personal way how I learned to deal with the challenges of myths and prejudices related to living a childfree life.

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