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Karin Rahbek is the author of Do I Have To Be A Mother? – A Memoir Of Love And Searching For Female Identity, which tell her childfree life story of dealing with the emotions that we experience when other people don’t understand that femininity and motherhood are two separate concepts, and they do not necessarily go together.

She is featured as an Unclassified Woman.

Her book is a childfree woman’s personal memoir to do away with the stereotype of childfree people as selfish. She describes in an honest, strong and very personal way the thoughts and feelings associated with not having the desire to have children in the world where motherhood is seen as the most natural part of being a woman.

It is Karin’s hope that the book can help to provide a more nuanced picture of what it feels like to be childfree in a society so focused on starting families. If the book might also foster greater understanding and acceptance – on the part of those who would question a woman’s choice – of motherhood as a voluntary decision, it will be a tribute to tolerance and a victory for diversity.

Karin Rahbek is a well-known spokeswoman for childfree women and the founder of a social network and dating site for childfree people. She was born in 1975 and currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with her husband and their two spoiled feline queens.

Visit her on Twitter @NoKidsWorld.


The book is based on research, meetings and discussions with other childfree people all told through Karin’s own personal experiences.

Numerous reactions and warm critical praise of the book from childfree women also inspired Karin to start a social network and a dating site for childfree men and women searching for love or new friends.

In Denmark, the book has been featured in many of the country’s newspapers and magazines. Karin has participated in several tv programs and has been a spokeswoman for childfree women.

The Danish publisher encouraged Karin to have the book translated into English.

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