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How to gain respect and acceptance

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Do You Like To Be Identified By Your Childfree Choice?

How do you feel about your childfree identity? Do you embrace it and proudly define yourself as childfree? Would you rather not be identified by your lifestyle? Do you believe the labeling as childfree is a good thing in terms of being socially accepted for who we are? These questions came to me when features writer Anna Davies from the New York Post asked for my thoughts on how “childfree” is an identity that people embrace

Why Tolerance Is Important When You Don’t Understand

We all know how it feels when parents criticize our lifestyle. It is something we have in common. Therefore, it really makes no sense to have the same kind of criticism between divisions of childfree women. If you are like me, my guess is that you also get frustrated by the obscene reactions from women […]

What It’s Like To Be Childfree Working With Mothers

Discrimination in the workplace is a common issue many women without children face. Children seems to be the trump card, which aces everything else. None of the things you might want to do as a childfree woman could possibly be as important as being a parent. If you don’t have children, it’s assumed that you […]

Why Every Woman Should Stop Defending To Be Childfree

Childfree women are prone to getting themselves in trouble. We are often our own worst enemy. In the moment we make an effort to justify or defend our lifestyle we rarely get accepted to be who we are. The consequence is often that (m)others more or less unconsciously get the mistaken idea that we are selfish, shallow and self-absorbed people.

The Childfree Woman’s Manifesto: How to gain respect and acceptance

I’m pleased to share The Childfree Woman’s Manifesto with you. It’s a small ebook on everything I learned about what it takes for us to gain social acceptance – and how we can get started today. Based on my personal memoir “Do I have to be a mother? – A childfree woman’s honest and unspoken […]

How To Change The Cultural Norm About Motherhood

Every childfree woman should be accepted as the woman she is. Therefore, I want to have a conversation with you to explore what we can do together as childfree women to gain acceptance for being who we are in the world where motherhood is seen as a natural part of being a woman. That’s why I created Childfree Woman blog.